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Quaking Houses is a small village near to the town of Stanley in Quakers, but during the Industrial Revolution it developed into a mining village and consisted of back-to-back miners' houses, although these have now been converted into traditional terraced houses.Apparently at one time it was locally known as "nanny goat island"

Accessible by road only from the main South Moor Road, the village is dominated by one large road, with large strips of terraced housing on either side, both facing outwards. The large road is divided into several different street names: Second Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, with Woodside Terrace and Fellside Terrace located at the west end. A large turning circle enables large vehicles, particularly buses, to change direction. The community Hall stands where First street was once situated. At one time at the bottom of Fourth Street rhere stood a walled reservoir and at the top of the village on the fell in the woodland was a dam, both of which had been required for the mines in the area The village is often colloquially referred to as 'Quakies'. It is adjacent to the larger village of South Moor.

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