This is a list of notable businesses, organizations or charities founded by Quakers. Some of these are no longer managed or influenced by Friends.

At the end of the article are businesses that have had no connection to Friends, but some people may believe that they did or still do.

Businesses, organizations or charities with Quaker originsEdit

A Edit

  • Amnesty International, human rights organization.
  • Allen and Hanbury Ltd, Manufacturing chemists.
  • Albright and Wilson, Manufacturing chemists.

B Edit

C Edit

  • Cadbury Schweppes, chocolate and drinks manufacturer
  • Clarks, shoe manufacturer
  • Coalbrookdale Company, iron manufacturer

F Edit

  • Friends Provident, life assurance
  • J. S. Fry & Sons, choco

H Edit

  • Huntley and Palmers biscuits, manufacturer in Reading, Berkshire
  • Huntsman, steel manufacturer

L Edit

  • Lloyds TSB, finance

O Edit

P Edit

  • Philadelphia Quartz Company, or PQ Corporation, chemical manufacturer

R Edit

  • Rowntree Mackintosh, chocolate manufacturer, (now owned by Nestlé)

S Edit

  • Seaboard Life International, insurance
  • Strawbridge and Clothier, department store chain, USA (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware)
  • Sturge, Manufacturing Chemists, Birmingham
  • Sony (formerly Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo); TTK's founding board chair was Tamon Maeda, a Japanese Quaker.

T Edit

  • Terry's, chocolate manufacturer (now part of Kraft Foods)

Businesses with no Quaker connection Edit

  • Quaker Oats Company, food manufacturer
  • Quaker State, motor oil brand
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