Friends Academy is a Quaker, Locust Valley, New York. The school was founded in 1876 by Gideon Frost for "the children of Friends and those similarly sentimented". The campus covers 65 acres. The school is more college-like, with a quad with buildings surrounding it. Recent additions to the school include the Helen A. Dolan Center (2000), the Kumar-Wang Library (2000) and the renovation of the Upper School (now called Gideon Frost Hall) in 2004. There are typically 800 students with around 190 faculty.

The High School at Friends Academy is rigorous and challenging. "FA" is also well known for its sports teams; in 2007, the boy's varsity basketball team were States Finalist. FA has a tradition of tolerance and diversity; racially, religiously and politically. While this is a Quaker school, there are only around 10 that attend Friends (combined student and faculty). Tuition ranges from US$20-25,000 a year, and the school has a 95% retention rate.

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