The clerk of a meeting for business or committee meeting in the spirit of worship. In that role, the clerk is responsible for creating the agenda, facilitating the conduct of the meeting. Some meetings may also expect the clerk to create and record "minutes".

Friends record minutes differently than businesses generally do, as each minute is written, the clerk asks the meeting if they accept the minute. If attenders accept the minute, they will nod their heads or say "approve" or "I hope so" (in Britain, see Quaker terminology), otherwise they may object. There may be further discussion, then the clerk may rework the minute, and ask for acceptance again.

In some Quaker groups, the role of facilitating the meeting is separate from the creation and taking of minutes. In this case, the meeting facilitator is known as the presiding clerk or simply clerk, while the one responsible for minutes is called a recording clerk. The meeting's clerk may also be expected to perform other duties like receive correspondence for the meeting.

In Quaker meetings, there are committees that perform duties and oversee activities of the meeting. These committees are headed by the clerk of that committee, similar to the chair or chairperson of a group or organization.

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